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The Julia Jaramillo de Jaramillo Foundation

The JULIA JARAMILLO DE JARAMILLO FOUNDATION, which sponsors the education of children and young adults from less fortunate families, founded in 1990 by the Jaramillo family as a non profit foundation, is proudly sustained by the revenue from the CRIADERO VISHNU DEL CYPRES.

Donde Estamos

Criadero Vishnu del Cypres

Hacienda las Mercedes,
Km. 4.5 Vía Suba a Cota,
Bogotá, Cundinamarca,
Colombia, South America

Phone: (091) 683 64 40 -
683 65 05 - 683 65 47
Fax: (091) 683 64 40

Criadero Vishnu del Cypres (clic to see map)
fundación colombiana para el perro guia
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